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The Terrible, Overwhelming Distraction of Insight

Three days ago I picked my 8 year old daughter up from the Londonderry School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and watched her break down in the passenger seat as she blurted a story about having been beat up by a boy … Continue reading

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A Demon Reveals Itself

New Year’s resolution fail yesterday. I meditated but did not post to the blog. I had the same experience in practice both days. My mind was in dreadful shape, I was heavily fogged and I was experiencing intense distraction via … Continue reading

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The Desire to Escape

I can sit through anything if I don’t want it to go away. There is a feeling/thought package/mass that arises in my field of awareness that sometimes drives me to want to stop what I’m doing. It’s hard to describe … Continue reading

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Observation and Absorption

The mind was less dull this morning. Dullness is a Buddhist technical term for a mental phenomenon that denotes a condition of lack of clarity. It goes further than that but noticing the opposite is helpful in understanding the parameters … Continue reading

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The Dream World

The mind was operating poorly this morning. Worse than yesterday. Deep fog/dullness, powerful distracting thoughts and feelings, and an inability to conjure up the numbers in the imagination. I couldn’t get there at all – until I jumped up the … Continue reading

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The Practice, The Obstacles, The Result

My mind has degraded in the absence of a consistent daily hour on the cushion for the past several years. I am dull. I am a mass of uncontrolled mental and physical excitation. ////// There is only one meditation practice: … Continue reading

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The Why and the Rules. 2020, Day One.

I am a resolutionary. New Year’s resolutions work well for me. I’ve habituated the practice of starting change cycles on the first of the year and I’ve made sometimes enormous personal shifts as a result. As my life devolved into … Continue reading

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