Ron Blouch came to meditation kicking and screaming against his will around the turn of the century. As a regular American small business owner who was trying to properly raise a couple of teenagers and live a decent life in the real world he thought Eastern practices were generally for idiots. A neo-Tantra teacher he trusted told him he had to meditate to get what he wanted. After being given rudimentary instructions he sat in practice and immediately exploded.

In his second formal meditation sit his mind stopped.

That changed everything, although he did not realize it at the time it happened.

Meditation became the core of a life-transformation program that permanently shifted how he sees and functions in the world and led to an eight year active meditation teaching career while he co-owned a yoga studio in Central Pennsylvania.

In 2006, after his kids left the house and his marriage ended, he realized that he was presented with two legitimate choices on how to proceed: 1. to renounce the world entirely and go into full retreat for the remainder of his life 2. to immerse entirely in the phenomenal experience of the world while using meditation as a tool to make that experience a complete one. He chose the latter. Further, he came to realize those two options are the central life choice everyone has to make but that most people, himself formerly included, spend their days flipping between the desire to escape out of the world and the desire to experience it fully without ever realizing it.

That understanding has become foundational to his teaching.

After a several year teaching break he is slowly returning to taking an active role in helping others better understand meditation, why they might want to do it, and how they can proceed successfully. He knows his views are unusual and believes there is value in his perspective.

This daily journal is a part of that shift. Writing about meditation, being forced to conceptualize and articulate how the practice and experiences do what they do, is also a useful practice. Understanding and insight translate to a transformed life.